Personal Training

Our approach...

We understand that it can be overwhelming to take on a new endeavor such as exercising, that’s why we are here to help. You’ve already done the hardest part, deciding and committing to a healthier life. Our Certified Personal Trainers will start by evaluating your starting point in terms of physical fitness and lifestyle characteristics. Then they will work with you to create straightforward, realistic goals, and formulate an exercise program for you to follow that is 100% personalized to you. We also recognize that people from all levels of fitness need help at some point, so whether you want to learn proper form, or want a 5:30am sweat session, we can help.

It is important to us that you have the right resources to meet your wellness goals, that includes a Personal Trainer to help guide you through a safe effective exercise program. That is why we offer one complimentary 60-minute session per month with our memberships. This session can be used to set goals, evaluate progress, or try out some new exercises.